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(1) Conducting comprehensive audits of compliance with state and federal legal requirements

(2) Structuring and participating in crisis management teams; developing policies to improve security practices and ensure compliance with legal duties

(3) Helping small NGOs understand and manage risks of overseas staff travel at affordable costs

(4) Developing policies to maintain compliance with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Regulations

(5) Negotiating with insurers to obtain adequate and affordable insurance policies; describing and documenting insured loss to obtain claims payment
"Legal Liability in the Humanitarian Sector"
This article by Klamp & Associates' principal attorney, Carolyn Klamp, describes the legal issues involved in fulfilling the duty of care and potential liability for US-based organizations who have staff working overseas.

Mitigating risk is a key component to successfully operating a nonprofit. From security situations in conflict zones to domestic employee lawsuits, our attorneys understand that risks come in many forms. We work with clients to assess risk and develop strategies to manage these risks. By regularly monitoring our clients' activities, we ensure that potential risks are handled preempitvely.

Some of the ways in which we advise our clients include:
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Risk Management

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