International Philanthropy

Fostering the ability of US-based charities to leverage their expertise and expand their impact by promoting development overseas is important to our firm. From building temples in Bhutan to lending money in Iraq, our clients work all over the world.

(1) Counseling clients regarding the appropriate way to structure international charitable gifts to be eligible for tax deductions

(2) Providing legal opinions on expenditure responsibility and equivalency determination to facilitate work with international non-profits

(3) Establishing “Friends Of” organizations in the United States for the support of overseas charities

(4) Working with local counsel to register nonprofits in foreign countries

(5) Creating foreign charitable organizations and structuring relationship with US charities

(6) Advising clients how to comply with US anti-terrorist financing laws
Domestically, we help clients negotiate the federal and state requirements specific to charitable work overseas, including meeting IRS guidelines and completing anti-terrorism due diligence required by the Office of Foreign Asset Control. Internationally, we collaborate with local counsel to ensure our cleints advance a successful strategy when cross-border issues arise.

Some of the services we provide our clients include:
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