Flat Rate Services

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Klamp & Associates - Lawyers in Washington, DC that provide expert services in nonprofit law to nonprofit organizations, corporations, 
L3Cs, taxexempt organizations, and private foundations. Specialize in employment law, international grantmaking, IRS counseling, risk 
management, and development finance.
Startup Services
To assist new organizations, we offer a startup package that includes (1) a one-hour consultation, (2) incorporation, (3) development of organizational bylaws and a conflict of interest policy, and (4) guidelines and draft minutes for the first Board meeting.
Notary Public Services
Klamp & Associates provides on-site notary services. These services include notarizing documents, administering oaths, obtaining acknowledgments and proofs, and any other permissible notarial act under DC Code Title 1, Chapter 12.
Legal Audits
Klamp & Associates is pleased to offer comprehensive, fixed-price audits on a variety of legal issues. These audits include a review of all relevant materials, a memorandum of our findings, and recommendations to strengthen your operations. Please note that audit fees do not include any steps to implement the recommendations we provide, such as negotiating insurance premiums or revising governing documents.
Risk Audit
This audit includes a comprehensive review of your organization's activities and policies to identify the most significant liability risks. We also provide detailed recommendations to mitigate and manage those risks. A risk audit may address issues such as insurance coverage, risk disclosure documents and waivers, personnel policies, indemnities, and other steps to lower the likelihood and impact of a lawsuit.
Governance Audit
This audit addresses the compliance of your governing documents with current state law. We will identify any inconsistencies as well as omissions and ambiguities that may lead to violations of law, and recommend solutions. A governance audit may address issues such as member rights, director selection and succession, board meeting procedures, and the liability of directors and officers.
Tax Audit
This audit reviews your organization's compliance with IRS rules for tax-exempt organizations. The IRS closely regulates how and when exempt organizations may raise revenue, lobby for legislation, and conduct a variety of other activities. We will assess your operations to identify tax-related risks and recommend steps to protect your tax exemption. A tax audit may address issues such as unrelated business income tax (UBIT), public charity requirements, lobbying limits, and investment activities.
Fundraising Audit
This audit covers the legal aspects of fundraising, which is the lifeblood of many charitable organizations. We will review your compliance with IRS rules on tax-deductibility as well as charitable solicitation laws in the states where your fundraise. fundraising audit may address issues such as earmarked donations, donor acknowledgement letters, corporate sponsorships, and non-monetary donations.
Please call our office to learn about audit rates and obtain a proposal.
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