Charitable Transactions and Programming

Day to day operations of each organization require a range of legal documents to outline obligations, responsibilities, and potential risks. From grant agreements and government contracts to employment contracts and intellectual property licensing, we work to ensure our clients enter into agreements that enable them to fulfill their intended goals and protect them from potential liability.

We work with our clients to explore innovative ways to achieve their objectives, including through Project Related Investments (PRIs) and the formation of Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3C).

Some of the services we provide our clients include:
(1) Licensing and publishing agreements

(2) Employment contracts including separation agreements, acknowledgment of risk documents, and contracts for the services of chief executive officers

(3) Consulting and vendor agreements

(4) Leases for office space

(5) Drafting grant agreements for Foundations

(6) Sub-agreements for government grants and contracts

(7) Memoranda of Understanding with foreign governments and multi-lateral agencies
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