At Klamp & Associates, our intention is to provide affordable, quality legal services to organizations working to serve the public interest. We believe that the specialized needs of our nonprofit clients are best met by understanding and addressing potential legal problems before they arise.

We represent clients of all sizes, and especially welcome small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations because we believe these organizations serve as the backbone of the charitable community. Our clients include charitable organizations, private foundations, membership societies, professional associations, international development NGOs, religious organizations, and other philanthropies. We maintain the trust and confidence of our clients by providing reliable and effective service.

In 2014, Klamp & Associates took its commitment to the public interest a step further and became a Benefit Corporation under the laws of the District of Columbia. Please contact us for further information about the steps we have taken to promote the social good.
Our mission is to serve our clients by providing creative, innovative and sophisticated legal work for nonprofit, non-governmental and community organizations with the goal of enhancing and expanding the services they provide.
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Klamp & Associates - Lawyers in Washington, DC that provide expert services in nonprofit law to nonprofit organizations, corporations, 
L3Cs, taxexempt organizations, and private foundations.
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